Waypoints is proud to employ a team of well trained and highly skilled child and youth care workers who are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs. Waypoints employees work within the context of therapeutic relationships with children, youth and families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. All intervention is trauma-informed and focused on promoting emotional, social, cognitive and behavioural change through the use of daily life events.

Who are Child and Youth Care Workers?

The practice of Child and Youth Care occurs within the context of therapeutic relationships with children and youth who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Intervention takes place within the family, the community and other social institutions, and centers on promoting emotional, social and behavioural change and well-being within the context of daily living (Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Workers, 2007).

Where Do They Work?

Child and youth care practitioners work with children, youth and families with complex needs. They can be found in a variety of settings such as group homes and residential treatment centers, hospitals and community mental health clinics, community-based outreach and school-based programs, parent education and family support programs, as well as in private practice and juvenile justice programs (CCCYCA, 2007).

What Do They Do?

Child and youth care workers specialize in the development and implementation of therapeutic programs and planned environments, and the utilization of daily life events to facilitate change. At the core of all effective child and youth care practice is a focus on the therapeutic relationship; the application of theory and research about human growth and development to promote the optimal physical, psycho-social, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional development of young people towards a healthy and productive adulthood; and a focus on strengths and assets rather than pathology (CCCYCA, 2007).

Looking for a Job?

Waypoints regularly hires youth care workers (relief) to work in our residential programs. These are casual, on-call positions, with the potential for employees to eventually move into part-time or full-time positions. Our hiring criteria are as follows:

Diploma/Degree in Child and Youth Care or a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field. First Aid/CPR, a valid driver’s license and use of a private vehicle are conditions of employment. Candidates must be self-confident, self-aware, and able to adapt to a broad range of social and interpersonal situations.
Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for the care and supervision of young people, ages 8-18, in eight distinct residential programs. Duties include life skills teaching; supportive counseling; crisis intervention; planning and participating in educational, social and recreational activities; and report writing.
To apply for a position with Waypoints, please forward resumes to:
Rick Kelly
Executive Director
P.O. Box 632
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5K8